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    Need an advise


    I see Replace Pending Order = F in my Walk Forwards Matrix report for future but I can’t find the same parameter in mt3 ea input tab. In the mt4 ea input the closes i can find is ModifyInsteadOfReplacing = True.

    Are they the same



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    ModifyInsteadOfReplacing is situated inside Replace Pending Order = TRUE condition. If Replace Pending Order = FALSE then ModifyInsteadOfReplacing has no function


    If Replace Pending Order is set to true, the stop orders are replaced with updated version every time there is new signal and order is still pending.

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    Hello Tomas,

    Just to follow up on the earlier question.

    So we should also set ModifyInsteadOfReplacing = TRUE if ReplacePendingOrder = TRUE ?

    Would that be correct? Any instance when ModifyInsteadOfReplacing = FALSE even when ReplacePendingOrder = TRUE ?


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    it does not have to be the case. With some brokers there can be an issue with simple modifying orders. In such case it helps to ModifyInsteadOfReplacing to FALSE so the order is deleted and placed as a new one. Both modes can work though

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