How to check open profit?

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8 years ago #111237

Is there a way check the total open account profit?


For example, if I have 4, 5 or 10 open trades, over different currencies, AUDUSD, USDJPY etc …, some in profit, some in loss, I want to close all trades if my open profit is at some level.


I was using Open P/L (in pips), with magic number set to 0, but it only seemed to read the profit for the one currency.


Any thoughts?





Mark Fric

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8 years ago #121826



it is possible only using custom function. Open the file {EA Wizard installation}/code/CustomFunctions.mq4

and add the following function there:



double sqGetTotalOpenPLInPips() {
  double pl = 0;

  for (int cc = OrdersTotal() – 1; cc >= 0; cc–) {
    if (!OrderSelect(cc, SELECT_BY_POS) ) continue;
    if(OrderType() != OP_BUY && OrderType() != OP_SELL) continue;

    if(OrderType() == OP_BUY) {
      pl += Bid – OrderOpenPrice();
    } else {
      pl += OrderOpenPrice() – Ask;




this will add new function to the program that will be attached to every EA generated by EA Wizard.



Then you can call this new function in Functions -> Custom Function or Then actions -> Other -> Custom Action.

You’ll call it normally like GetTotalOpenPLInPips()

Your condition could be for example:


IF Custom Function: GetTotalOpenPLInPips() > 1000


…do something

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