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    Hi ! sorry for my bad english by advance…

    can you help me to find how to add, for example, an ATR contraint ?

    For my generations, i want to autorize trading only if ATR < X or ATR > X for example.

    all the rest need to be free of constraint as habitually.


    the goal is to make 2 differents strategies for low volatility and high volatility and merge them finally.


    Have you any idea ?


    thanks by advance ! ;)

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    you have two options basically:

    1) setup a simple template in AlgoWizard (using New -> Create a template with Settings -> Advanced -> Template mode ENABLED) and add two conditions – one for ATR and another “random” so SQX can generate it randomly as shown on the screenshot attached

    2) create a new custom block for example named “Low Volatility” with a condition like ATR < 2 and use this custom block in the builder. Check the other screenshot

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    thank you very much !!!


    it’s perfectly clear for me now ! ;)

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