backtest existing mt4/5 EA with strategy quant

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1 week ago #281514


is it possible to backtest existing mt4/5 EA with strategy quant? suppose I can put my existing EA (not produced by strategy quant) and then give different settings to strategy quant or strategy quant try different settings by itself and return the result?



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1 week ago #281542

Yes, basically you can test your strategy using our software StrategyQuant X. Please be aware you cannot directly import your indicators code into StrategyQuant but you can re-build your strategy with its rules using our AlgoWizard module.

Once you re-build your strategy using AlgoWizard module included in StrategyQuant X you will be able to backtest, improve and optimize your strategy. If you strategy uses additional custom indicators those can be added as well but require some additional coding or at least indicator data directly imported. For this we have some tutorials and guidance as well.

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