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    Hi Fellow traders,

    I am new to Stargy Quant and am starting to understand workflow of program. Can anyone advise me some simple settings for;

    1. Initial Population settings – Dismiss stratergies where ? (Or is best to dismiss in ranking options ?)

    – Can i add robustness tests

    2.Evolution Management – Restart evolution after (5) generations if ?

    I have added word file of current settings.


    Kind Regards,



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    Hello David,

    1) you can dismiss strategies for the initial population having Net Profit (IS) < 0 – you only want strategies to make money. The robustness testing can be done later. Disabling will speed up sampling process – you will get more strategies in the same period

    2) you can setup for example to restart if Profit Factor < 1.3 or similar …

    The whole idea is that you start with money making strategies only and after 5 generations then need to be good having profit factor > 1.3

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