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    Can anyone tell me the difference between ‘stop’ and ‘pause/resume’ with regards to what goes on under the hood.

    For example lets say I’ve been running the builder for a few hours and have 3000 accepted strategies in the databank. If I press stop, exit the software and close the PC and then fire it all back up again the next day what happens when I hit ‘start’ on the rebuilder? Does it kick off from where it left off?

    In random mode what prevents it from trying build combinations its already tried and discarded?

    Is there any difference if it is in genetic mode?


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    every genetic starts from random build…its not neverending story, by your settings the genetics are restarted, because of what you have set as stagnation of fitness

    so STOP or PAUSE doenst really matter…with random generation it has no impact, with genetic you will loose only very little part of the evolve of generation

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    Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.

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