Can’t seem to use compounding in crypto

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3 weeks ago #285204


I’ve been trying to increase the crypto (btc in this case) StrategyQuant trades as my balance grows, I’ve tried Risk fixed % of the account, which works great for forex from my tests, but in crypto if the risk is set to 5% it always buys 5 of that crypto.

I’ve tried “Crypto size by price”, it’s described the the size is computed from Balance / Asset Size, and we can select the maximum size.
What’s been happening is that it always trades the maximum size as buys crypto in that exact size.


Is it because I’m using USDT instead of USD? Or am I misunderstanding the Crypto size by price functionality?



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3 weeks ago #285231

The “Crypto size by price” will use current accout balance is the switch is enabled so the compounding is enabled for this one


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