Crashes in version 139: not possible to work

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Federico Scanu

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3 weeks ago #286680

Good morning to everyone,

I am having various crashings in my SQX build 139:

  • 3 times while building in a custom project the UI crashes. It looks like it is not started but I can see in the task manager that is actually still working, I do not know if there is a way to have the UI back somehow;
  • 2 times happened this annoying error that crashes everything(see attached image);

I do not need to say that is not possible to work in this way, overall when you have custom projects that last more than one day.

Can someone explain what to do in this case?

thank you in advance

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3 weeks ago #286733


we would like to investigate what happens with your SQX copy. Please share the log files with us located under the {StrategyQuantX}\user\log\Strategyquant folder. You can send to our email [email protected]


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