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    I have exported strategies from the Builder database and from the Retester database to MT4 for further validation and they run fine.  When I try to export one from the Optimizer database it will not run.  MT4 says that it cannot open the file, screen clips attached.

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    Mark Fric
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    this seems like an issue of MetaTrader, not SQ. Your MT Log clearly says that it doesn’t have this file: WF Optimization – Strategy 6.44.85.ex4.

    Do you see that file in your MetaQuotes Language Editor? Was it compiled successfully?

    If yes, can you open a bug in our task system and post that file there with MQL source ? I mean with .mq4 extendion, not .ex4.

    StrategyQuant architect

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    I have about 20-25 optimized strategies running. All thought I retested them in retester of course and saved them from there. They are made on B 111. They are on Demo here:

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