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    Hi there everybody,

    I have created an EA with SQ EA wizard 5 years ago, but I lost the file from SQ EA wizard.

    I have got the EA converted in mq4, but I would like to modified it and add some more feautures, but, to do that, I need to open it in the SQ EA wizard software.

    There is a way to convert the EA.mq4 in the format readible fro SQ EA wizard.

    It would be very hard for me to re-write it all from scratch, because I did not remember all the caracteristic of it.

    Anyone can help?

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    Hi, you can import your mq4 in MT4 and open with meta editor. You can see your rules and create a new file in wizard.

    best regards

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    Ok, let us know if you have issues understanding the code

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    Yes, I understand the code. My question was if was possible to convert the file.

    As I understand, that is not possible.


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