Gold Slippage and spread settings

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1 month ago #274820


I’m very keen on trying to put together a robust XAUUSD H1 EA portfolio.

In the video courses, it is stated that the slippage for gold should be hundreds of pips. This is not helpful because it is far too vague. Also, 100-300 pips seems to wreck every single EA I can generate from XAUUS H1 (even the bonus strategy whiich does not pass the Monte Carlo Strategy Parameter test).

I am using a spread of 40 pips because that’s what a good ECN will give you.

Can someone recommend a slippage test? Does anybody have a workflow that produces good results?




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2 weeks ago #275017

I’m also interested in this. My broker (IC Markets) states spread for gold is 1 pip (, which seems very low, considering the SL/PT settings suggested in the video course.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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