Has anyone tried the new AMD processors?

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2 weeks ago #279917

I’m using an AMD 3900x and wondering if this is a good time to move to the 77700x. But I am concerned that the temperatures I see posted go as high as 95c. And they are said to be very hot. I’d put a Noctua cooler on it. But I don’t know if for this it will be better to switch to the 5950x than to jump to the new generation that uses AM5. The new generation should have a longer motherboard and processor life.

If anyone has it, it would be nice if you can test it.


So we have a standard with which to compare the difference with other microprocessors.




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5 days ago #280051

Yes, I am using 7950x, it is really fast


Henrique Dias

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2 days ago #280127

Same here 7950x, around 40, 50% faster for SQ when compared to the previous 5950x


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