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    Question 1. Why is there a difference in size of CSV file between old tick data loader and QuantDataManager?

    Question 2. What is the difference in data for testing on mt4 platform between minute and tick data from dukascopy on QuantDataManager downloads?

    Please excuse my ignorance on this matter. My email adie is

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    newly you can download M1 data directly to save storage space and download time but tick data is almost the same size (actually slightly bigger size in QDM compared to TickDownloader). Tick data in MT4 gives you better precision compared to 1 minute data

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    Thank you very much for your reply. Answered. However, I have another challenge now as follows.

    First of all, I do have some things I wish to ask you. I have been doing backtesting on the following currency crosses. Please be patient with me as I have a  lot to explain.
    1.  EURUSD
    2. GBPJPY
    3. GBPUSD and
    4. USDJPY
    I am using strategy quants new QuantDataManager program and it is working beautifully on the above currency crosses 1, 3, and 4.
    Now my problem. At the top left corner, a tab, Dukascopy data, allows, using the correct procedure to first select a currency cross. Thereafter one can proceed to download the dukascopy data for the selected currency cross and the time period. In my case, I set the time period from 2015.01.01. to 2019.02.14. It apparently did the download and I then exported the data using the icon Export to csv. So far, so good. Now comes the problem. When I proceed to do the backtest on the mt4 strategy tester it shows the following error under the Journal tab.

    2019.02.15 08:01:42.975 TestGenerator: no history data ‘GBPJPY240’ from 2015.01.01 to 2015.12.31 and

    2019.02.15 08:02:28.596 TestGenerator: no history data ‘GBPJPY240’ from 2016.01.01 to 2016.12.31. I even went back to 2014 and when I tried to run a backtest for 2014.01.01 to 2014.12.31 this is the error.

    2019.02.15 11:14:26.252 TestGenerator: no history data ‘GBPJPY240’ from 2014.01.01 to 2014.12.31

    This is only happening on QuantDataManager for GBPJPY.

    EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDJPY are behaving without error. What can be wrong with the data for GBPJPY? I really need help.



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