[Question] Stop trading if you lose a trade.

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Jairo Bernal

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1 year ago #280964

I would like to know how I can stop that day’s trading in case of a losing trade, and resume trading the next day.

How can I make this configuration in algowizard?



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1 year ago #280972


it is simply done in AlgoWizard using a variable. Add a new condition that checks using the function Closed P/L (magic) …. IF StopTradingToday = 0 AND Closed PnL < 0 then set variable StopTradingToday = 1.

Setup another condition tab that says IF Day[1] <> Day[2] to detect midnight and use action to set the variable value StopTradingToday = 0

Modify the entry signal so the it fires only if StopTradingToday = 0 and entry condition is matched


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