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    I can’t find a way to remove stop loss as an action in Algo Wizard.

    I use Stop Loss to define money management when I open a trade, so need to have a Stop Loss initially.

    I don’t want to get stopped out when spreads are high, so I have coded that if the spread is less than 1.5 pips and the profit is < my stop loss, exit the trade. This avoids getting randomly stopped out, especially over the weekend.

    I just need a way to set that after x bars, remove the stop loss. This will allow me to avoid losing good trades due to high spread.

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    the easy workaround would be to set SL to price = 0…. You can use the function “Set Stop Loss”, choose “Price level” and set to 0

    You can then setup a condition to set stop loss back to a previous value

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    That’s really helpful thanks Tomas, will do.

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