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    If you use a strategy template from the algo wizard in the builder, does the build process ignore anything that might be in the building blocks section of the builder?  Also, is there anything else that running the build with a template effects?

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    if you setup a random condition for example you can set it in 2 modes:

    1. do not specify the random group – all active building blocks can be applied for that condition
    2. when a random group is set up you can specify a set of blocks each random condition will refer to. So each random condition can use a completely different set of building blocks

    I recommend to start simple and add complexity later once you get familiar with the options available

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    So, if you were to create a template that defined stop loss, trailing stop and other exit parameters, would anything need to be defined in the building blocks section of the builder when you run the build process?  Also, the algowizard lets you define trading options and money management.  Are these things overridden when using the template in the builder?  If this is in the docs somewhere, please just point me to it.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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