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David Martin Juez

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7 months ago #284159


I´m using Sqx 135 generating strategies for Metatrader 4, and I want to change to Sqx 137.

I´ve readen that I have to change the indicators in my Metatrader 4 account in order for the new strategies from Sqx 137 work properly.

I need to know if that´s the case, how can the strategies from Sqx 135 remain in the same account with the new ones from Sqx 137, if their old indicators have been deleted?.


Thank you!.



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7 months ago #284166

We have one more indicator available – SqROC.mq4. You can simply copy all indicators from {sqx}\custom_indicators\MetaTrader4 into your MT4\MQL\Indicators and overwrite

Refresh your MT navigator to see the newly added SqROC

Strategies should work correctly the same way as before the update


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