Tick Backtest vs 1min Backtest Accuracy

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3 weeks ago #285190


I am going over education videos, and it mentions that 1min data is enough.

I have a question about this subject.

Say I have a pips-based profit and stop-loss strategy, if I understand correctly, from minute data, you get only OHLC values from each 1-min bar, but from tick-based you get values on basically every price update.

How exactly does the SQX determines, if the profit or stop-loss was hit?

For example, my stop-loss is 50 pips, while I am in a trade, my 1min bar briefly sells below 50 pip threshold, but closes above, would it keep the position open until either stop-loss or profit-target gets hit or would it close the position?

This issue was explained here:

I am sorry, if this question was asked before.




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3 weeks ago #285237

If the M1 bar briefly hits SL it will be market as filled. M1 backtest precision would suffice here


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