Trailing stop and Trailing Activation. How they work?

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1 month ago #285169

Can you explain me please how Trailing stop and Trailing Activation work?

I know that “Trailing stop” means that as soon as the open PnL reaches 1 pip,
the SL is moved to a predefined distance that I have set. For example, if I have set
a fixed “Trailing stop” value of 20, it means that when the open trade gains the FIRST pip,
the SL is positioned at a distance of 20 pips from the current market price.
With each pip of profit, the SL continues to move 1 pip at a time toward the break-even point (BE).
I see that “Trailing Activation” is linked to “Trailing stop”. This doesn’t make sense in principle, as the delayed function is intended to move the SL toward the market price when it has reached a certain level of pip profit, not from the first pip of profit.
Anyone can help me to understand please?



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3 weeks ago #285232

If the trailing activation is set to X pips then SL moves not with 1 pips profit but with X profit only

TSL is being evaluated on bar open / close with the default SQ strategy template


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