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    Hello Community

    What kind of distribution will be used if I run WFM through the Crosscheck tab?
    If I make it through the optimizer, where I have more setup, I make always -/+ 50-50% and I can set up the step and the individual parameters which should be taken in the WFM and which not.

    I was just wondering, that it could be more convenient to use through crosscheck tab, because here I could run the WFM on more strategies and should not have to set up each one by one…. However I do not have any opportunity of setup I know.


    Thanks for the answers.

    Brg, Csaba

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    the default (recommended) setting that is used in the WFM Matrix is also used here in the WFM C-Check test

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    Hello Tomas

    Thank you very much.
    In the tutorial videos we hear about +/- 50% distribution. Are the 20% also enough?


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    PS.: because the standard settings are +/- 20%

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    If default is +/- 20%, how many steps is the default?

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