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    I am using Algo Wizard (Desktop Version) in Strategy Quant X Pro Build 130.467 I can’t find a field to change the “Initial Capital” for Backtesting within Algo Wizard.

    Window “Algo-Wizard / Settings / Money Mangement” shows only options for “Fixed Size”, “Risk fixed % balance …” and so on. But the “Initial Capital” entry field is missing.

    Other programs like “Builder”, “Retester” and “Optimizier” all allow to view and change the settings of “Initial Capital” within the “Money Management” Section but that doesn’t affect my Backtests in Algo Wizard.

    Haven’t found any information neither in Documentation nor within the Forum.

    Can someone please help me here?

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    currently the strategy tested in AlgoWizard is supposed to start with 10,000 USD balance. We will add an option to customize the value into future update. To better simulate different starting balances and various MM settings you better move the strategy to retester

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