Please note that you need a license to run Quant Data Manager.
You can get a free license using the button below or you can buy a Pro license.

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QuantDataManager for Windows installer

Download the installer for latest version of QuantDataManager below:

Last version – Build 122, released 15. 8. 2023

QuantDataManager installer

Download as ZIP

QuantDataManager as ZIP archive (always latest final build)
If you have problem with the installer, you can download QDM as a ZIP archive. Simply download and unpack it to your target folder.
Note that if you’ll unpack it to an existing QDM installation, it will overwrite all the data and settings you had there before.

QuantDataManager as ZIP archive

QuantDataManager for MAC

QuantDataManager for Mac comes as a disk image file (DMG).

QuantDataManager for Mac

Mac installation instructions:

Simply download the image and mount it to your system by double clicking it.
Then open up the mounted disk image located on your desktop and install QDM by simply dragging the application file into the Applications folder.
After you’re done, you can eject the disk image and remove the DMG file.

QuantDataManager for Linux

QuantDataManager for Linux comes without installer, only as a ZIP archive. Simply download the ZIP using the link below and unzip it.

QuantDataManager for Linux

Linux installation instructions:

Add executable permissions to file QDataManager_nocheck
using a command: chmod +x QDataManager_nocheck