GBPUSD – simple H1 Workflow

Author: Tomas Vanek

March 10th, 2020

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The goal of this workflow is simplicity and fast generating process with high probability strategies on futures dats period.


Workflow Tasks


Build process:

GBPUSD timeframe H1


Build ranking

Trades 200

PF> 1.3


Crosscheck EURUSD H1

Genetic ranking PF > 1



Retest on OOS data period

Retest on other Market EURUSD

Delete all strategies below Return DD 4


Monte carlo tests

Delete all strategies below 50 % of Return DD ratio


FInal retest

GBPUSD and EURUSD to see how the strategy works as portfolio.


With this workflow you should be able to build strategy in couple of hours depends on your PC.



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