16. 7. 2021

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GBPUSD – StrategyLab Workflow


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GBPUSD - workflow automation



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9. 10. 2021 6:11 pm

excellent !! thank you

Phillip van Coller
Phillip van Coller
26. 11. 2021 2:41 pm

Thanks for sharing. I have a few notes/questions: Your out of sample is tiny, this feels like you wouldn’t get much value if it would perform well in the future but more luck on what it did in that period. You do the slower MC test first and after that you have a step for the faster MC test. You could speed up the entire flow by doing the faster MC first which will eliminate some strategies and then only doing the slower MC. You don’t perform any randomization robustness checks, any reason for this? Do you run a walk… Read more »