Grid buy/sell 98%win

Author: antonio buigues

April 14th, 2019

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GRID.sqx (3.26 KB)

Hi guys, first of all thank you all the effort to stragyquant x team.
I wanted to share with you a strategy generated with Algowizard Strategyquant X, (EURUSD USDCHF) TF 1H
The strategy formed is based on a grid template,
it tries to open operations based on CCI in 40 periods, the strategy for operations in the level -200 or 200, the operative management applies a bit of compound interest.
the take profit is based on the ATR indicator (40 * 1.5 coefficient),
the conditions of sale entry were changed (market flat to market position is long,
the distances of the ruler 30pips or 300 points is the first version this thought stop global stop (emergency stop)
to limit the system to operate in time range and exit on Fridays are deactivated,
I would like you to give me some ideas to improve it thanks to all

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Manuel de los Heros
Manuel de los Heros
5 months ago

Hi! I have been testing it and I have been surprised by the high Profit Factor that is obtained but although I see it almost perfect alone and I think it is very important since with a Balance lower than $ 5000 it does not work, it would be to be able to limit the volume and that from that limit it returns at the beginning, in this way I think that with small accounts it could work. If you share the code in mq4 it would also be very interesting. Sorry for my English.

Jonathan Warnes
Jonathan Warnes
8 months ago

Ive been playing around with it a bit, it seems to run quite well, crashes bad if you leave it unasisted on falling pair so you cant just leave it trade blindly. But works well trading on a uptrending pair (still have to know what the market is going to do!! no free lunches here…is there anywhere??? )
anyway, two questions.
Can it be changed to do shorts only ?
and also, can It be changed to work on other pairs???