From Discretionary Trader to Algorithmic Expert: An Exclusive Interview with Rubén Martínez

In this exclusive interview, Rubén Martínez, founder of the La City community and capital manager, shares his incredible journey from his beginnings as a discretionary trader to becoming a successful algorithmic trader. Rubén reveals the challenges he faced and how he overcame the limitations of traditional trading to develop automated strategies that work.

Learn the secrets of his success, the importance of simplicity, and how flexibility fits his lifestyle. Rubén reveals his data flow process and offers valuable advice for beginners, including building a diversified portfolio and staying calm during drawdown. Discover the sources of knowledge he recommends and the common pitfalls to avoid. Don’t miss this insightful conversation packed with practical strategies.

Rubén manage Darwinex portfolio with over 500 000 USD from external investors.


The interview is in Spanish language on our Spanish YouTube channel, however we prepared the subtitles in English and 6 other languages which are available in YouTube Player. Click the video link to enhance your trading skills today!




Tomas Vanek

Tomas Vanek, founder of, is a visionary in automated trading. Driven by a passion for efficiency in finance, he created to offer robust, real-time monitoring solutions, simplifying trading strategy management for traders of all levels. His innovation is changing the landscape of algorithmic trading.

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