StrategyQuant vision for year 2022

The beginning of the new year is a special time for many of us. The previous year is definitely gone, and we feel like something new is starting again. I always use this time of the year to summarize the previous year’s achievements as well as reveal our new year goals and visions. Let me share our StrategyQuant goals and visions for the new year 2022 in this article with you.

But firstly, let me briefly summarize what StrategyQuant achieved last year.

  • There were 5 new versions (builds) of StrategyQuant in 2021, with bug fixes and new features added.
  • We established new partnerships with universities, funds, and experienced trading professionals all around the world.
  • We switched to a new modern and faster website
  • We started regular coding sessions to help users who want to extend SQX and other our products.
  • We finalized the new SQX educational master courses
  • We welcomed Ellie into our team – she is responsible for translating all the materials to the English language, thanks to which we will offer you better quality educational materials

And what are our goals and vision for the year 2022?

We have some big features planned, and also, there will be some (positive) surprises that we’ll disclose at the right time.

We are going to unveil a new cloud trading platform for stock trading
The possibility to create strategies for stocks without programming as well as trading them live is currently missing on the market.
Existing platforms require programming skills or lack necessary functionality. We want to fill this gap and offer retail traders an affordable online cloud platform that will allow them to create and trade stock trading strategies easily and reliably.
Estimated availability for Beta testing – end of Q1.

A new StrategyQuant Build with a few major features is just around the corner
We didn’t stop SQX development, on the contrary. We are adding new features, the next version will be packed with big new features and improvements:

  • New Stockpicking engine in StrategyQuant.
    With it, it will be possible to create, generate and backtest this new type of strategy that can be then traded on our new cloud trading platform.
    Stockpicking strategy (in our internal definition) is a strategy that trades a basket of stocks like S&P 500, not just one stock. We will also publish educational materials and articles about this new type of trading to help you understand and use it.
  • Improved work with snippets and CodeEditor improvements
    We want to make it much easier for our users who want to extend SQX. There will be many improvements in CodeEditor, improved documentation, and immediate effect of your changes after compilation without the need of restarting SQX.
  • Improved work with big custom projects
    We’ll fix the issues that make it slow and cumbersome to manage big custom projects with tens of tasks.
  • Adding swap – we will bring the most voted feature in the roadmap to the next build of SQ X so the strategies will be more accurate compared to the real trading.
  • It goes without saying that all bugs reported by our users will be reviewed and fixed

The expected release of the new StrategyQuant X build (development version for testing) is again around the end of Q1.

Markets are changing, technology development is accelerating, but our vision remains the same: We help traders from all over the world reach profitability by using a quantified approach to trading.

What is your vision for the year 2022?

Mark Fric

Mark Fric

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January 29, 2022 6:14 pm
  1. I want to develop the idea of ​​seasonal behavior of markets into the trading system, including testing and deployment in live trading
  2. I want to trade still Trfoi EA Portfolio

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