September 30, 2022

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Z Score

The Z-score measures the currently analyzed value of selected data series  relative to its mean, i.e., how many standard deviations away it is from it. The Z-score can be easily interpreted in this way:


If the Z-Score is 0, it means that the value of the data point is equal to the mean. If the Z-Score is 1.0, it means that the value is one standard deviation above the mean. If the Z-Score is -1.0, it means that the value is one standard deviation below the mean.


The indicator has one line:

  1. Z Score

Z Score  has two configurable parameters:

  • Applied Price – Type of Price  used for indicator calculation
  • Period – refers to the number of periods on which the modified moving average line is based.


Indicator is implemented for: MT4/MT5/Tradestation/ Multicharts.

You can download the indicator and conditions here.


How to import custom blocks:

  1. Open the Algo Wizard in SQX
  2. Select Customize
  3. Select Custom Blocks
  4. Import Custom Blocks
  5. Save them


You can easily do your conditions in Custom blocks. More information you can find here:

In this module, you can also modify the custom blocks – change the periods, change the steps, etc.


How to import custom indicators to SQX:



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November 18, 2022 3:38 pm

excellent ! thank you