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Author: SQ team

January 21st, 2019

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When you click for example on Builder you’ll see that the screen is divided into three main columns or sections:


  1. Settings – this is the brief description of actual configuration of Builder, you can click on each of these tabs to view the full configuration
  2. Engine – this is where you can start or stop the task, see what’s going on in log and progress
  3. Results – up to three mini panels with results of the top three strategies currently existing in databank. These mini panels are only a preview of most important strategy statistics. You can get detailed results by clicking on this panel or double-clicking on a strategy in databank.
  4. Databank – a place where all strategies are stored


Databanks and files

Strategies in StrategyQuant are saved in their own proprietary file format (with .SQ X extension) that can be opened only by StrategyQuant.
If you find potentially good strategies you should always save them so that you can work with them later.

Running strategies in MetaTrader
MetaTrader cannot read the strategy .SQ X files. If you want to test or run your new strategies in MetaTrader you have to export the strategy to MQL source code.
Please check the section How To … Export strategy from StrategyQuant and test it in MetaTrader.

Please note that exported (*.MQ4) files are not readable by StrategyQuant, so make sure you always save your strategy also as a normal strategy file (*.SQ X).


Databank is the most important concept you should understand when using StrategyQuant. Doesn’t matter which mode you use, strategies are always stored in databanks. Databanks are on the bottom side of the screen, it can be minimized or opened.

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