Trading options

Author: Kornel Mazur

January 9th, 2019

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These settings allow you to specify the properties of the generated strategies as well as testing conditions. Trading options govern behavior of the strategy in backtesting engine – for example whether all orders should be closed at the end of day, etc.

Exit at end of day/end of range

if selected, the strategy will close all position at the end of the day or end of the trading range (if defined). This way you’ll have no position open overnight.

Limit Signals to Time Range, Time Range From, Time Range To

this limits the hours the strategy is checking for entry signal to a given time range.
If used in combination with Exit At End Of Range then all open positions are closed at the end of the range.
If you don’t check the Exit At End Of Range then the strategy will not open new trades outside the trading range, but the already opened positions will be not closed.

Exit At End Of Range, Exit At End Of Day, Exit On Friday

three settings that manage whether trades should be closed at the end of range, day or week.

Maximum Trades Per Day

you can limit maximum trades the strategy takes per day

Store Chart Data

if checked SQ X will save also complete chart data for the backtest, so you will be able to see history chart with backtest with used all indicators and all orders drawn on chart.
This can help you review the strategy and see visually how it is trading.
Note that storing chart data will take some time, so backtest will be slower and produced strategy file will be significantly bigger.

Compute MAE/MFE and Daily Equity

this is used to compute MAE/MF and equity values. If not used the generation speed can be increased by 10 – 20 %.

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