Simple Stochastic + Awesome System (Help needed)

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JC Savard

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7 years ago #111539

Here is a little system that I tried to do but it’s not working.  Can someone could take the time to find my mistakes and correct it so I (we) can learn..  I taugh I was able but it seems that I’m not…


It’s not generating trades, and creating only yellow dots when applying a signal indicator (made by EA wizard)



Enter long after Stochastic (10,3,3) crosses 60 up

Enter short after Stochastic (10,3,3) crosses 40 down

Stop order is placed 1 pip above the high of the candle (for long) and 1 pip below the low of the candle (for short)


Exit when Awesome Oscillator makes one bar in opposite direction of the trade

(if long, Awesome create a red bar ‘“ exit trade when the bar is closed¦. Short ‘“ green bar)




Mark Fric

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7 years ago #122508



there were few mistakes in your strategy:


1. the stop price was incorrect, you use Highest/Lowest of 1 bar, you should use Hight or Low instead.


2. in the short exit condition you had check for Long position (instead of short). 


I’m sending corrected strategy.

StrategyQuant architect


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