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Could you please tell me if the system supports Custom Indicators? I have Indicators from other Vendors I would like to use in the EA Wizard.
Also; a lot of the info centers around the FX Markets. Is it correct to assume that it can also support the Futures Markets?


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if this question is about EA Wizard (which is different product than StrategyQuant) then it is in incorrect forum thread.


You can easily import custom indicators into EA Wizard and use them to create the EAs.

EA Wizard outputs strategies only as MetaTrader Expert Advisors, so they can be used only in MetaTrader.



StrategyQuant platform can also import customindicators, but it works in a different way. You’d have to compute the custom indicator in your platform and then import it to SQ as data.


StrategyQuant can be used to generate strategies for forex, stocks and futures, it supports export to MetaTrader EA or NinjaTrader C# code.

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