How to Link signals together?

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6 years ago #112899

Hello All,


I just bought EA Wizard today  🙂

Can someone help me…. Strategy as follows:-


   Enter Long                 cci(14) crosses above -100

And (sometime later, maybe, could be 10  to 16 candles) Tema(14 crosses above EMA(13)

So I get my first entry signal on cci and some candels later tema is my confirmation and entry point into the trade.

How do I configure this with EA Wizard?

Also since I’m new here and new to EA wizard what is the best way to learn all the functionality of the Wizard and how to connect everything together. Obviously this forum and website is one source…..




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6 years ago #127546

Mark Fric

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6 years ago #127633

The problem could have been that you used ORs in your condition but didn’t use brackets, who knows in what order your conditions get evaluated.


I reimplemented your strategy wiht help of two variables – one to check if there was a CCI cross, and second to count how many bars ago it happened.


I hope it is understandable.

StrategyQuant architect


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