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    hi Admin,


    How to configure an Indicator to signal a match only for the last 10 candles (eg. (close(9) from now), dynamically? 


    Also, where do I edit the mql code such that the signal will only be seen on D1, H4 & H1 charts? 





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    Im not an admin, just an experienced customer. It would help if you are more specific really. A little vague.
    You want the signal after its 10 bars old? Easy. ADX(Shift 9) > 30. Shift 9 will give you the signal after it passed 9 sessions ago.

    On time frames: its built into the program on each indicator.

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    Mark Fric
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    I also don’t fully understand what you want to achieve, but you can use Shift parameter.


    Shift = 0 means value at current bar, Shift = 1 means indicator value on previous bar and so on.

    Shift = 9 means indicator value 9th bar back.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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