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    Friends of the forum and Mark. I would need to implement a strategy with the following Trailing Stop:

    – Just my profit is 4 pips (the stop loss was a 20 pips) the stop loss becomes equal entry point;

    – If I go to gain a new one (1) pip the stop loss (equal entry point) moves 1 pip.
    Thanks for the help.



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    Someone can help me?




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    Its a little unclear to me:

    You want a 1 pip trailing stop loss?
    If its hard to explain, take a screenshot of a chart and use paint and draw on it what you mean.

    Also for future reference- you must be patient on this forum, it is not checked everyday. :)

    Mark Fric
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    I think I understand. You want to set SL to break even (entry price) once you reach 4 pips profit, and then trail it.


    It is possible to do this using the settings in Enter at Market/Stop/Limit.


    You have to set:

    TS Activation Level to 4 – this will activate trailing stop once you are 4 pips in profit

    Trailing Stop to 4 – once TS is activated it will trail SL by 4 pips

    StrategyQuant architect

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    Hi Mark,

    thanks for your reply: was exactly what i meant. Was easier than i has expected.

    The code works fine.


    Thanks to Threshold, too


    Good staff.


    Many thanks.




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