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    Hi. I’m new to SQ and love it so far. So much better than standard MT4 Strategy tester.


    My question is: Is it possible to change period for strategies and portfolios. So I can look at stats for given period of time, for example, last 3 years, last 5 years etc. 

    I see a Period window that says in sample and out of sample, but not  really sure what they mean. 



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    Hi Ivolux,

    you can change all period data.

    I will give you an example:

    Period H1

    IS: 1.1.2005-1.1.2009

    OSS: 1.1.2009-1.1.2010


    You generate IS and check if OSS have the same behavior.


    After generation you can change the perioddata for additional tests.


    IS: 1.1.2002-1.1.2009


    and look how the equity curve looks.


    You can find more information at the homepage.

    for example:



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    Sorry, I got mixed up with all the products. I was actually using EA Analyser not SQ. 

    Mark Fric
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    as I already replied:

    this is possible in the new EAA 4 (currently in Beta version). You can set Out of sample period in Analyzer -> Settings

    StrategyQuant architect

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