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7 years ago #113691

Hi to all, today I propose the questions that I have not found an answer in the manual it will do on the forum in the articles.

First Question 
I use this software for forex, when I add the data I must to define the “Point value in $”
An example in eur/usd approximately 10$. the problem is that when, i insert $10 and after I create strategies the net profit are in the order of US cents.
Looking at the data EURUSD_fhdb default this value is set at $ 100,000, In fact, if imposed this value in the data imported by me, the net profit resulting in a higher oridne acceptable,How is it possible? why is set to $ 100,000?


Second Question

The cost per roundturn… This value how do I set? An example, if my broker commission requires me $ 2 per lot, cost per roundturn  must be worth 2?

Third Question
On page 80 of the manual says, “StrategyQuant supports import of ONLY 1 minute data, it will compute the higher timeframes automatically”
But when i import data in the software, i can import and set different timeframe, what is the explanation?

thanks for your time, good work.



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7 years ago #130372

Hi DarkHope,


1) contract size for EUR/USD lot is $100,000 and this value should be set as the point value

2) in StrategyQuant you set RT commissions on Data Manager tab. Double click on selected line and then you can set “Cost per roundturn” for that market

3) I would always import 1 minute data. Then you can set under “Build strategies” tab in Data section what timeframe you want to really develop your strategy on. StrategyQuant just recognizes timeframe of data you import and displays it



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7 years ago #130379

Hi tomas262,
you did not answer any of my questions

1) Why set 100.000$ when Mark Fric wrote in our guide “the point value for forex is generically 10$
One pip on EUR/USD equals to 10$ !!! He don’t ask “lot size”, but “point value”

2)I asked, what do set? I want an pratical example!!! not where to set it!!!

3)i want to know if it is beneficial to import more high timeframe for the speed


Mark Fric

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7 years ago #130474

1) there is a small difference between PDF guide and StrategyQuant. In current version you set contract size (point value in $$) while according to PDF you set tick/pip dollar value (for EURUSD it’s $10). Maybe this is what confuses you?


2) you set total cost per each trade i.e. opening cost + closing cost. For CFDs and forex I would leave it 0 since you don’t have any commissions defined and pay trading costs in bid-ask spread. For futures I would enter specific amount of dollars – round-turn commission given by your brokerage


3) yes, there is a mistake in documentation as well, you can import also higher timeframes in SQ, not only 1 minute, but then you’ll be not able to use 1 minute backtesting precision.

There is no speed difference if you test with Selected Timeframe precision on higher timeframe data computed from 1 minute or imported directly, but if you’ll import 1 minute data you have the possibility to test the strategy with improved precision: 1 minute or tick simuation

StrategyQuant architect



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7 years ago #130528

I trade on spread betting platform where all ticks for all symbols have allways exactly the same value and account currency is (must be) GBP. How about that? 😉


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