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    Hi all fellow EA Wizard users,


     I tried using the RiskInPercent and no matter what I try, whatever percent I put in the field (i.e., 1, 20,.06. .3, etc) that is the exact fixed lot size that gets traded. It isn’t varying the lot size at all.. It is not defaulting to Lots if no MM or anything like that (even if I put no stoploss) and I have the stoploss for risk to be calculated. Is this a bug that anyone else has experienced lately? Or is the bug all in my head? I have the latest update as well.


    Here is a sample ea I threw together just to show how I am trying to use the money management. I appreciate any support. 



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    remember, in order to use money management in your trades, every order must set the Quantity to “Use predefined money management”. Then it should work correctly.

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    Thank you! I totally missed that.

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