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    I am new to EA Wizard and struggle to do the following:


    (1) Compare current price with price x bars before (or x time ago) (e.g if current > price  before do this )

    (2) Write a comment in the “comment” field in the Trade tab… My Comment command does not do this…

    (3)  I want to Set TP & SL of my open order as follows:

    If  openOrderTP < TargetTP – 20 pips then

    Set TargetTP to TargetTP + 40 pips

    Set TargetSL to OopenOrder TP – 20 pips.

    Is it possible?


    Thanks a lot

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    1) here you can simply set Shift paramater of price data appropriately to get for example Bar close 7 bars ago

    2) Trade comment can be added by setting comment parameter for enter order in EA wizard. Then it should appear in MetaTrader too.

    3) Yes, you can use Move PT/SL To functions in EA Wizard to modify those orders

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    1. Does “Close[5] < Ask " compare the price 5 bars ago with the current price? Is this correct?

    3. My problem is that:

        a) I use different magic numbers for Long/Short and currency pair and EA Wizard does not allow me to use LastOPenPL = openPL(MagicNoLong) and

        b) EA Wizard does not allow me to assign “NewTP = OldTP + 20”



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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