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    I don´t manage to set a SMA on a Indicator.

    e.g.  a SMA (10) should be on the RSI.

    so I want to program, when RSI cross its MA  then give a signal.


    But I can´t set the MA on the RSI.

    on  MT4  I can choose: First Indicator´s Date,   and so the MA is on the RSI.


    How can I do this with SQ EA Wizard ?





    Ohh Sorry,.   I see,  this is the wrong Forum.  Admin could you please move this into the right?   Thank you

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    indicator nesting is currently not available in EA Wizard but we will consider adding this.

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    Thank you, for you reply.


    It´s remarkable that such simple thing isn´t available. This program have thousands of options, but not this. 


    Is there a date for the next patch?

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    one option for you now would be use of “Indicator Average” function in EA Wizard. You can find this under “Functions”.


    We are not sure at the moment about when indicator nesting will be implemented.

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    Thank you for this tip.


    I have tried this.  but then ready indicatior shows no signal at MT4. 

    when I removed this rule, then some signals appears.



    the rule was:

    left:  rsi,10,     middle:  cross above   right: indicator Average, rsi(10)  period 10, MA  simple.

    Is this correct so?


    I did a screenshot for better understanding,  but it´s not allowed here (system told me)



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    Yes, I tried and it generates signals which seems to be correct

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