Experience Sharing:How to import custom indicator and make multi-time frame str.

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5 years ago #114076

Hello, everyone!


I make trading in futures market, using Multi Charts. 


Thanks to Mark and SQ’s Team, SQ let strategy developing more efficient.


We know the  Triple Screen trading system, I like that idea. To generate that str. in SQ,  we need import the indicators to SQ.


1、We can easily export price data and indicator value to the excel file from MC.

File: 1.png1.png

Column H to L are my indicator 1, indicator 2, ¦



2、(MC) For getting two timeframe data(price or indicator’â„¢s value), we need insert the same symbols of different time frame into a new chartwindow.

For example, in the One workspace, subwindow 1 is 3min bar, subwindow 2 is 10min bar.

And then we create an indicator like this:


{paras: shift ,means shift bars ago of indicator’â„¢s value.  I found SQ can’â„¢t do backtracking calculation of all type indicator’â„¢s value now . But I like to use backtracking, especially use Adapt MA, some Zero Lag Trend indicators to generate str. }


value1 = XAverage(close,10) of data2;

value2 = XAverage(close,10)[Shift] of data2;


plot2(value2,”MA1 N bars ago”):


Then  set the data range  and load the price.  When the data is ready, we could export the data and indicator’s value.


3、Create Custom indicators and import indicator’â„¢s value in SQ manully.


File: 2.png2.png


You should give a name of indicator. Anyname is ok, but I suggest that the meaningful name is better. And choose return type. Parameter is needed.


4、 Then in the subwindow of Custom indicators data, we could import the value now.

         First, Add new indicator associated with the symbol.

File: 3.png3.png


Click the indicator’â„¢s row below to choose is , and import data.

File: 5.png5.png


5、Choose the custom indicators’â„¢s value in Building Blocks and give more weightness.

Now you could make Multi-Time Frame strs, using your custom indicators.




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5 years ago #132096

Thanks for your post eastpeace. It will help others a lot. Also great to hear you do business on a real exchange! 🙂


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