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    I thought i saw in one of the video tutorials you can IF certain situation is confirmed THEN you can return back to a specific rule in your program. I have about 10 plus rule to but if a profit or stop loss is happens in certain situations I would like to return to a specific rule, about the 2nd rule in the whole program.  I thought I used the custom command function and just place return then where I want it to go in parentheses with a semicolon  afterwards and it executes to that rule.  

    return (lot 1000);


    The rule title i renamed it to be is lot 1000

    I’m receiving errors of undeclaired identifier for the lot and some operater expected for the 1000



    on line 3768 it shows double indicatorValue; and the warning says variable ‘indicatorValue’ not used    MomentumFx1.mq4    3768    11

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    I am not sure I understand. If you can, attach your SQW file …

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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