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    My question comes from the following:


    IF           (  A [1]  )- (N))     less than      Indicator Average  (exponential, 3, A [1])     



    where A is a custom indicator

    N is a number 


    How would i write that ?



    Thank you.  Another Question.


    I have had poor luck using 2 indicators to create signals because I think they weren’t  synced.


    For example,  if one indicator says Go Long,  the other may be behind or ahead or may be repeating.


    Toward solving this,  how would I create :


    IF within 2 bars back and 2 bars after  signal (from indicator 1)



    Thank you again



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    first you need to import that custom indicator into Wizard. Then you use Subtraction on the left side of the entry condition

    Regarding the other thing I am not sure what you mean .. could you provide some example? Wizard file or screenshot

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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