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    I was wondering if its possible to create a rule in EA Wizard to only allow my EA to place trades only when the price is X pips from a trendline or Horizontal line that i’ve placed on the chart manually?


    i have a horizontal line on the chart at 0.72000
    My rule is that the EA is only able to trade when its within 20 pips of this price either side

    EA is active only between the prices 0.71800 & 0.72200


    Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


    Thanks in advance.

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    I think this is not possible what you need. Is there any way you could define your ‘trendline’ without actually drawing it? Maybe using moving averages….

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    thank you for the reply. unfortunately the trendline might be from a trend 4 weeks prior or even more.


    thanks anyway and have a good day.

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