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   How can I input in the strategies that it must trade above or below a particular indicator before taking the trade..

     Example: Currently the price is below EMA 10 but I want to go Long if price crosses above BUT I only want to take the trade if it trades above that EMA 10 for either 30 seconds or 2 minutes (whichever I choose).. I am just trying to eliminate the quick bounces up/down that are causing losses.  




   How can I input in the strategies that I want to trade at open of next bar (market price) if the majority of the last 10 bars back were down or up?

      Example:  Trading 5 minute chart.. Out of the last 10 bars if 6 were down and 4 were up then on the next bar (bar 11) short..

           OR   Trading same chart if the last 6 bars were up then go long on next bar?



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