creating lines that are truncated to the end of the current day

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5 years ago #114527

Is it possible to create lines in the main chart window   that have a specific start and stop time ?


for example


line one = the open price at 00:00 broker time current and will be drawn to 23:30 broker time current day

line two = the open time at 15:00 broker time previous day and will be drawn to 14:30 broker time current day.


If this can be done i would appreciate some guidance on creating such an indicator, that would look back probably just the last 20 days or so, thank you in advance for your reply be it positive or negative.




PS please see the attached jpg file as an example I manually put on an MT4 chart



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5 years ago #134509

Drawing lines is currently not available. It could be bypassed using custom function in EA Wizard but it’s quite complicated. Some additional drawing tools will probably be added in future versions


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