Running Strategy Quant with Specific Values

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5 years ago #114872

If I wanted to use a specific base strategy e.g. EMA(10) being below EMA(20) and in the bottom half of a Bollinger, then use Strategy Quant to develop things from there; could I import this kind of thing as a custom indicator from EAWizard?


To be honest, I’m not sure how creating, saving then using customer indicator would work. Perhaps creating a boolean variable that shows whether a condition has been met or not.


Does Strategy Quant work with different versions of the same indicator itself (e.g. EMA(10) crossing over EMA(20)) when generating EAs?


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5 years ago #135796

Yes, this could be done using custom indicator that combines tools you mention. Then output value can be then used by SQ to generate strategies (for example -1 for short signal, +1 for long, 0 for stand-by)


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