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    Hello, I converted the Strategy Builders generated strategies into TradeStations Easy Language code.  The conversion was successful, but after I pasted the codes into the TradeStation EasyLanguage editor, the following line brought out the compilation error :


                NumberOfShares = SQ_MoneyManagement(CapitalSize, SLSize, MoneyManagementType, TradeSize, SizeRounding, RiskPerTrade, MaxTradeSize);


    The variables are declared OK, but the function “SQ_MoneyManagement” is not recognized by TradeStation.


    How may I get this resolved please ?  And why would coding generated for TS not recognized by TS please ?

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    In order to make SQ strategies work with Tradestation, you have to import some custom EasyLanguage functions into your Tradestation.


    Follow the SQ PDF guide on page 13.

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    Thank you Advanced Member, I found them.

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