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    I bought a pro license and would like to achieve the following:


    I have mt4 reports from the MT4 Manager – not the terminal – it seems Quant is loading them fine.


    I would like to get monthly data to see how each month did.


    My focus is to see how much did the account actually win or lose INCLUDING open positions.



    Example an account starts the month at 100k by the end of the month the balance is 95k and the equity is 120k and an additional 5k were deposited intra month – means


    closed trades = -5k


    open trades = + 20k


    in/out = +5k


    so essentially I want to know the Equity movement from month to month and remove in/out from that figure to have the pure real P/L equity change


    how can I achieve that please?



    Thank you for your kind help






Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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