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    Hello everyone, a question if I indicate to insert more than 1 entry or exit condition are added with the AND function is it possible to add the OR condition in the project?


    Thanks so much

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    yes, you need to modify the template using AlgoWizard. You can switch the logic between AND -> OR as you like. Also do not forget to add parentheses so the condition can be evaluated logically correct

    For example

    Cond1 AND (Cond2 OR Cond3) becomes TRUE when Cond1+Cond2 are true OR Cond1+Cond3 are true. If you remove the parentheses the logic of evaluation would be different

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    simple way how to add OR is fuzzy logic strategies, but my opinion is that you will loose the track of what condition has the edge, because you will not know what is true, if cond1 or cond2

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    Thanks for the answers guys, I meant if it was possible to create strategies with the OR logic function already inserted, without having to change it, thanks again and good day


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